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Exploring the Sea World

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Byron Jordan with his daughter Ali
At home in Granada Hills

A Laboratory Manual...
and Marine Science Program curriculum

Students carrying the portable weather station...
Point Mugu, California
About the Manual
The activities and exercises in the manual are those develped by Dr. Jordan for use in his own classes in the marine sciences at the middle school and high school levels.
It is based on 28 years of teaching experience in the subject, and his doctoral dissertation  (2 volumes, 800 pages) in University of California Los Angeles Graduate School of Education.
The writing represents a 5 year effort in a sequence which follows his course much as it was taught in his middle school and high school classes.
This curriculum is written from the perspective of the secondary teacher's needs and scope of content.
A major goal of the manual is to provide or suggest instructional ideas to teachers that can be incorporated in their own learning programs.
Six Content Areas In:
*  Marine Biology
*  Seawater Chemistry
*  The Air Ocean
*  Physical Oceanography
*  The Physical Geography of the Sea
The Ocean Resource.
The Manual includes:
* Activities (37)
* Exercises (11)
* Illustrations (400+)
* Charts and Tables for student completion
* Assignment tasks and data record forms for use by student teams at pier, beach or seashore sites.
* Separate Keys for all objective-type questions and identification of drawings, tables and lists by student.
* Color photos (58) illustrating concepts and principles.
* Appendices (10), including Conversion Tables, use of Lincoln Index, Geologic Timetable, Anatomy of a Ship, and more.
* Extensive bibliography and video bibliography
* List of applicable field periodicals available
Ocean currents of the world, a classroom mapping activity


Students in the outdoor lab on Catalina Island
Sponsored by The Wilderness Foundation (archive photo circa 1962)

Students posing at Shark Harbor, Catalina Island
(Archive photo circa 1962)

Students observe captured plankton
...with microprojectors (Sun Valley JHS, CA)

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Byron E. Jordan, EdD, Author
Marine Science Educator
16722 Pineridge Drive 
Granada Hills, CA 91344-1850
Phone/Fax: 818-366-2371

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